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“A nation wide firm that delivers the best quality hardwood, laminate & more for fine living”

Kingsly Hardwood Outlet was founded and created by the owner Kingsly himself. His goal when he started this business was to deliver some of the best quality wood in the market. A good example of a brand that Kingsly Hardwood carries is DuChâteau.

DuChâteau carries some of the best wood in the market and with Kingsly’s long relations with the company he is able to provide you with what is perhaps the Mercedes or hardwood flooring. Not only does he carry high end brands but also has a wide variety for a more affordable product. Brand names such as Urban Floors, US Floors, Hallmark Floors, Armstrong, Mullican Flooring and plenty more.

Get in touch with us today and we would be more than glad to help you with any questions you have about hardwood flooring. You may also check out our Hardwood 101 page for a knowledge database for all types of wood floors.


“We live and breath wood floors”