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Laminate Floors

    • Virginia Hardwood
    • Urban Floor
    • Du Chateau
    • Eternity FloorLooking for a seamless laminate installation? You can always expect reasonably-priced laminate installations from Walnut Kingsly Hardwood! We have over a hundred samples in stock to choose from and we’ll take care of all of the installations from start to finish. Below are the benefits of choosing laminate flooring:
      • Gives you a consistent look
      • Affordable prices
      • Durable and fade-resistant
      • Painless installation and easy to clean
      • Family friendly

      Guaranteed Laminate Installations for Your Home

      Top Brands for Your Laminate Flooring Options

    Give us a call today to get your free estimate on any laminates that are available with us. You can also visit our showroom which is conveniently located in the Walnut, CA area.Anderson Floors